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                We are  Wide Awake Serve established in Thailand as a customs broker particularly for Oil and Gas company, to save cost and learning about the oil and gas permit such as Turbine Gas meter, Metering Gas, Dry gas filter, Gas Detector system. WAS who has been working for this field more than 10 years.

Wide Awake Logistics is a privately operation with Air and Sea forwarding and service with excellent experiences of cargo international forwarding.

                Main of WAL we dedicated to be forward Air and Ocean shipment for around the world especially from Italy Germany Netherland Slovakia America, China Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai ( Middle east and  Europe). By opportunities of Thailand we also aim for penetration into CLMV Cambodia, Loa, Myanmar and Vietnam for the AEC

                For our Domestic and International part we have the strong long term business relationship with Inland transport company. In part of Air operation that we proud to present, the professional team and experiences more than 20 years customs and forwarding. Wide awake are always ready to serve our customers with all kind of Logistic business. We offer you for theses services of honest and reliable experiences. We also member of ECA (  The Thai electronic customs broker Association) which gives us strong knowledge in field of Customs brokerage and strong relationship of Thai customs department

                Working in partnership with many of the world’s leading freight forwarding to ensure customer will perceive the highest possible service standards. we pride ourselves to be the one company that providing the excellent service and solution by our integrities.



- Become the exceptional service organization of  Thai Niche market.

- Well know organization for Oil and Gas, Electronic, Wooden Furniture field

- When the people said “Wide Awake” means Logistic excellent provider



- Standard Performances

- Integrities

- Practise and Develop all Core bussines competencies

- One direction of Strategy and share value,"There are Failures because there has excellent goal"

- Penetration for CLMV 2018 - 2020


19 May 2018

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